(From L to R): Jeremy Proctor, Laurie Evans and Paula Young reviewing notes on the set of "MensNet" prior to the taping of Circumcision: Assault on Male Sexuality.

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MensNet is taped in Westchester County, New York. If you live in the New York City area and want to attend a taping or assist in the production, please call the NCM office at 631-476-2115.

These shows, taped on July 10, 2009, will soon be posted to YouTube:

1.)Understanding female sexual desire. Guests included sexuality counselor Dr. Shannon Bertha, therapist David Behar and Paula Young.
2.) Combating discrimination against men. Guests included men's rights lawyer Roy Den Hollander, actress Flavia Prado and fathers' rights activist John Giambalvo.

The National Center For Men produced the following editions of MensNet, taped on October 17, 2008. The shows will be playing throughout the New York City area over the next few months and are currently playing on the mensnettv channel of YouTube:

A.) Parental Alienation Revisited


1.) Amy Baker, Ph.D. Dr. Baker is the author of the new book Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Breaking the Ties that Bind.
Dr. Baker is a psychologist with expertise in developmental psychology and parental alienation syndrome.

2.) Richard Smulczeski, lieutenant in the New York City Fire Department.
Lieutenant Smulczeski was severely alienated from his two teenage daughters and fought a legal battle for custody.

3.) Jacqueline Harounian, partner in the law firm, Wissselman, Harounian and Associates.
Ms. Harounian recently led a seminar for mental health professionals on the subject of parental alienation.

The show focused on understanding parental alienation: what it is, why it occurs and what to do about it. We asked the experts questions about legal strategies to get court orders enforced and psychological strategies for fathers who want to rebuild relationships with their children.

"MensNet" TV Show on Parental Alienation Syndrome -- Part 1
"MensNet" TV Show on Parental Alienation Syndrome -- Part 2
"MensNet" TV Show on Parental Alienation Syndrome -- Part 3

B.) Circumcision: Assault on Male Sexuality


1.) Laurie Evans, M.A. Ms. Evans is director of the NY Hudson Valley chapter of NOCIRC, a national organization of health care professionals devoted to educating the public about the harm done by circumcision.

2.) Jeremy Proctor, author and activist. Mr. Proctor has expertise in the cultural and historical background relating to circumcision.

3.) Paula Young, frequent contributor to MensNet who believes that circumcision is harmful to men. Ms. Young thinks that male circumcision is an unnecessary attack on male sexual integrity, similar to female circumcision, which would never be tolerated in this culture.

The show focused on the harm done by routine infant circumcision, especially the loss of sexual sensitivity for men. We attempted to understand why it is done and whether circumcision represents an actual and symbolic assault on male sexuality.

"MensNet" TV Show, Assault on Male Sexuality Part 1
"MensNet" TV Show, Assault on Male Sexuality Part 2
"MensNet" TV Show, Assault on Male Sexuality Part 3

Dianne Jahr, Matt Dubay's mother, debates attorney Gloria Allred on the set of the "Dr. Phil" show.

Dr. Phil

A.) Men's Reproductive Rights Revisited

On Wednesday, October 22, 2008, the "Dr. Phil" show aired a follow-up to a show we have done for them before on men's reproductive choice. The show is scheduled for rebroadcast on June 2, 2009.

Matt Dubay, the courageous plaintiff of "Roe vs. Wade For Men," was featured on the show. Nicole and Noel Erdmier, (NCM clients forced into parenthood), Dianne Jahr (Matt Dubay's mom) and Mel Feit were also on the panel.

B.) Fathers and Child Support: Are Men Being Forced into Delinquency?

On Friday, February 27, 2009, "Dr. Phil" aired a program about child support which examined whether the law treats men fairly. Mel Feit debated Lis Wiehl, lawyer and FOX News commentator. The debate focused on the government's role in forcing otherwise responsible men into becoming delinquent in their child support obligations.

For a more detailed look at the stories on the show and NCM's perspective on these stories, please click here.

C.) Parental Alienation Syndrome

On Friday, October 3, 2008, the "Dr. Phil" show aired a national program devoted to the subject of Parental Alienation. National Center For Men direcor, Mel Feit, participated in a panel discussion which included a debate about whether parental alienation syndrome really exists.

This show was rebroadcast on December 26, 2008.

We look forward to reading your comments about this show and all of our other shows.